Nike Paul George PG 2

On January 21, 2018, in Cleveland, Paul George first released his second generation signature shoe: PG2. It is a test for the forward who has been in the League for eight years and has excellent performance in both attack and defense. Moreover, many players in this game already have their own signature shoes. In the end, George scored the highest 36 points in the game and led the team to win 148-124. Tony Hardman, as the main designer of sneakers, has undoubtedly brought great changes to PG2. PG1 uses an inner boot structure and a forefoot strap to provide a good tight coverage, while the tongue of PG2 belongs to the traditional style. However, Paul George still hopes that the boot can inherit the excellent locking feeling. Therefore, Tony Hardman has set the name “dynamic wings” in the front part of the shoe “This design also solves the problems encountered before, such as if the foot shape is narrow, then the bandage may be too long.” PG2 is designed to meet the needs of different fo

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