Air Jordan 32

The air jordan 32 was launched in September 2017. As the 32nd shoe of Jordan’s generation series, it was endorsed by MVP Westbrook of NBA regular season in 2016-17 season. The shoe is equipped with flyknit structure and flightspeed technology exclusive to Jordan series, integrating design elements from air jordan 2 with modern high-performance innovative technology, The design is the essence of the past, but its cushioning system is far more exquisite than the basketball shoes of the past. Inspired by Italian luxury sports cars, the shoes were named Rosso corsa. The classic “racing red” color of the first batch runs through the innovative design of the new air jordan, and the word “push to start” in the insole can be regarded as the finishing touch. Decorative elements made of high-quality materials are integrated inside and outside the shoe body, which further sublimates the representative work of this modern high-performance shoe.

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